Beautiful 2,000 Seat Theater

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3220 Falls Parkway
(Formerly Tony Orlando's


Featuring the Work of Patriotic Artist
Jack Dawson

"The Freedom Journey Show in Branson was phenomenal! It was a perfect blend of encouragement, education, and inspiration! I will be eagerly anticipating the return of the Freedom Journey in the future!"

Kelly Ball


"I thought the show was refreshing and new. As a veteran and father, I greatly respect the Patriotic appreciation of Branson and her shows. However, the Freedom Journey show added an element missing, but much-needed from everywhere else in Branson: Education. It was great to be able to talk to my young children afterwards on an intellectual basis about what we saw rather than just from an entertainment perspective."

Dave Myers II


"YOU were tremendous...  WE LOVED YOUR Show and YOUR heart for America."

Katie West

"As an ex Englishman and citizen of the US for over 35-years I really appreciated your presentation on freedom in words, media and music.  I pray God will open doors for you to take this important foundational truth based on real history to many around the country--especially young people."

Rod Butterworth


"My family attended the Freedom Journey Show and was encouraged, uplifted, and educated about the freedoms we are blessed with in our country. A perfect mix of comedy, moving video presentations, and powerful Americana music. An affordable family show that leaves you with more than just entertainment. You won't be disappointed!"

Tate & Kelsi Greer 


"Awesome & educational... Very impressed!!!"

Tina Cox


"Saw a great show this weekend, Freedom Journey. Really inspiring and convicting - a wonderful way to celebrate all who have sacrificed, all of our heroes...and Christ especially... "

Lauren Dinwiddie


"We thoroughly enjoyed the Freedom Journey Show! Besides being very entertaining, it was educational by reminding us of our freedoms and how we got them. We loved the blend of music, nostalgia, comedy, history and honor to our military. Looking forward to more shows!"

Morgan Harkrider


"Inspirational, educational, entertaining, and God honoring. We all enjoyed it! Thank you for what you do and for sharing the gospel."

Brad Hudson


"Loved the show in Branson on Veterans Day!"

Doctor Harry Beaver

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