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Biblical Citizenship Day​






•3 video sessions featuring Rick Green and Kirk Cameron

• Live instructor: Brian Rohlman


•Concessions available & FREE coffee!​


$20 Adults/$10 Age 19 & Under​ 10


July 27 & August 31  •  10 AM - 4 PM




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Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no show on Friday, July 12.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Beautiful 2,000 Seat Theater

Bookstore & Concessions


3220 Falls Parkway
(Formerly Tony Orlando's


Featuring the Work of Patriotic Artist
Jack Dawson

"Incredibly talented group with an important message for our time. The lead singer's solo voice is out of this world!"

Brock Tunnell

"A hidden gem in Branson. Wonderfully crafted presentation that explains the beginnings of the country and brings the viewer to the present day. With the division we're currently experiencing in the country, it was an uplifting show that ended on a positive note and offered hope for the future. This show is an absolute must for middle and high school children, although it is harder to hold the attention of younger children. Our high schooler was definitely engaged throughout. We look forward to watching this program grow and its footprint expand over the coming years, and we will definitely be back the next time we visit Branson."

Danny & Lacy Brown

"The show is a great show and it has a message we can all learn from. The people are very friendly and helpful as well. I highly recommend this show for all ages."

Steven McCollough

"Great show. Thankful that we experienced this while in Branson."

Kirby Smith

"A tremendous show. Branson has a winner with this family friendly, patriotic, and truly inspirational program. Affordable, comfortable, and needed in our nation. Highly recommended."

R.J. Richards

"The BEST show in Branson!!!"

Tim M.

"Branson's best kept secret, and a breath of fresh air to revive your American patriotism, even in the midst of troubling times. No family's trip should be complete without visiting this theatre to see the new Freedom Journey production. Very inspiring and informative show about America's founding, and it's legacy of faith and freedom that has made it the greatest and most blessed nation in history. Prices are reasonable, and the experience captures the interest of all ages (even my preschool age kids). The live musical talent was phenomenal. I'll definitely be taking my family again the next time we visit."

John Schlaudt

"This show is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's truly multimedia, and great for the entire family. I've been to many shows in the branson area, and I feel you really get your bang for the buck here. It's still pretty new, so don't expect big blockbuster style feats, but the real star of the show is the message behind it all. It's good to know that there are still people in this country that care about keeping history alive. I would (and will be) recommending this place at any opportunity I find. Great ticket prices too! I cannot wait to see their plans for the place unfold over the next few years!"

Chance Rogers

"Wonderful journey on before we became a country, our forefathers plans and commitment to one nation under God. Music, drama, multimedia presentation. A wonderful tribute to veterans. Snacks and beverages available, art exhibition in the lobby and gift shop. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. (Would recommend Jr. High and above)"

Alice McGraw

"The Freedom Journey Show in Branson was phenomenal! It was a perfect blend of encouragement, education, and inspiration!"

Kelly Ball


"I thought the show was refreshing and new. As a veteran and father, I greatly respect the Patriotic appreciation of Branson and her shows. However, the Freedom Journey show added an element missing, but much-needed from everywhere else in Branson: Education. It was great to be able to talk to my young children afterwards on an intellectual basis about what we saw rather than just from an entertainment perspective."

Dave Myers II


"YOU were tremendous...  WE LOVED YOUR Show and YOUR heart for America."

Katie West

"As an ex Englishman and citizen of the US for over 35-years I really appreciated your presentation on freedom in words, media and music.  I pray God will open doors for you to take this important foundational truth based on real history to many--especially young people."

Rod Butterworth


"My family attended the Freedom Journey Show and was encouraged, uplifted, and educated about the freedoms we are blessed with in our country. A perfect mix. An affordable family show that leaves you with more than just entertainment. You won't be disappointed!"

Tate & Kelsi Greer 


"Awesome & educational... Very impressed!!!"

Tina Cox


"Saw a great show this weekend, Freedom Journey. Really inspiring and convicting - a wonderful way to celebrate all who have sacrificed, all of our heroes...and Christ especially... "

Lauren Dinwiddie


"We thoroughly enjoyed the Freedom Journey Show! Besides being very entertaining, it was educational by reminding us of our freedoms and how we got them. We loved the blend of music, nostalgia, history and honor to our military. Looking forward to more shows!"

Morgan Harkrider


"Inspirational, educational, entertaining, and God honoring. We all enjoyed it! Thank you for what you do and for sharing the gospel."

Brad Hudson


"Loved the show in Branson on Veterans Day!"

Dr. H. Beaver

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